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FCP1 contains many improvements and new content for Savage 2. Listed here are some of the highlights of FCP1.

The Devourer is an evil entity composed of the flesh of fallen warriors. The mere sight of this grotesque being strikes fear in his enemies. You can watch the agony of the captured soulsí flesh as they beg to be released from the slimy gooey mass.

The Devourer is very satisfying to play. His melee Cleaver deals significant damage and upon consuming a corpse, gains additional ammo for his ranged weapon Rotten Flesh as well as using the flesh to gain size. The increased mass yields additional hitpoints and damage.

As your level advances during a game, your armor now advances with you. Four armor sets for each unit allows other players to approximate your level before combat begins.
Play two exciting new maps, Lost Valley and Morning
We are adding over 30 achievements to Savage 2. Achievements are broken into 4 categories. Action and Commander players alike have both Lifetime and Match specific achievements. A Lifetime Achievement is based upon your lifelong persistent account statistics. These goals are much higher numbers (not necessarily more difficult to achieve) than the Match Achievements. A Match Achievement is based upon hitting your goal within a single match.
Clans are automatically created and managed via our system at There a player and 4 friends can create a clan, manage recruitment, rosters, clan tags, clan icons, their own clan webspace.

Perhaps the most important feature of the clan system is the ability to schedule official matches with other clans. A server will be automatically reserved for you match, and stats for the match will be recorded as an official clan match.

The world of Newerth returns once again to the world of Linux. Download the Game now and jump into battle. Play the game for FREE for five hours by downloading the game now.
The melee combat system in Savage 2 has been tweaked to make combat more enjoyable and rewarding and more fluid.
The Commander role has been updated to include voice support.
The Dual Arena returns with FCP1. Practice your combat skills with other players in the areana.

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