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FCP2 contains many improvements and new content for Savage 2. Listed here are some of the highlights of FCP2.

Maliken is a brand new special unit in Savage 2. Like Hell bourne units, Maliken is available to both the Human and Beast races. Unlike Hellbourne units, Maliken is not obtained at a Hellshrine.

Playing the Maliken unit requires that several enduring items be purchased. The Brain of Maliken, Heart of Maliken, and Lungs of Maliken are all useful enduring items that must be purchased. The Soul of Maliken is the final item required, and allows a user, in addition to 10 souls, to transform into the powerful Maliken unit.

Also new to the unit are melee modes. You can switch from one melee mode to the other, allowing you to affect the battle in several different ways.

Mostly nocturnal creatures, the Hunter is most at home when stalking his prey on the battlefield. These bat like creatures use speed to their advantage on the battlefield.

The Hunters abilities include Glide Strike, Wing Spin, Frenzy, Venomous, Sleep, and Bat Eyes.

Glide Strike stands out as one of the Hunters most unique abilities, alloying the hunter to engage in limited flight, zooming ahead and damaging enemies in his path.

Three original maps have been added, each with their own exciting new play style.

The new maps include Hidden Village, Desolation, and Ancient Cities.

Hidden Village


Ancient Cities

The automated tournament system facilitates tournaments to be played by Savage 2 clans. It is fully integrated with the game as well as the clan system. Both official S2 Games tournaments as well as player created tournaments will be available!
Enduring items are a new item type added to compliment the current options of purchasable and persistent items.

Like purchasable items, enduring items are purchased with personal gold during a match. However, unlike regular purchasable items, they are not lost upon death. Once you purchase an enduring item, it will remain in your backpack until the end of the match.

The new dodge abilities have been created to add a completely new dynamic to the Savage 2 melee system. You can now dodge to the left, right, or backwards.
Left Dodge

Right Dodge

Backward Dodge

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