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Action Players Overview
Action players are units on the battlefield that help carry out their teamís ultimate objective of destroying the enemyís Command Center (Legion of Manís Stronghold or Beast Hordeís Lair). In order to do this, team work and coordination from their commander is required.

The action player gets to choose from classes available to them based upon the buildings and technologies the commander has researched. Each player has the following attributes:

Health A playerís health represents the amount of damage the unit can take before death.
Mana Mana is used to perform special abilities and cast spells.
Stamina Allows the unit to run, jump, and attack. A unit that is drained of Stamina can no longer run or jump, and attack speed is decreased.
Armor A players Armor decreases damage, maximizing each hitpoint. Armor has a diminishing return, each armor point is less effective as the previous. Armor is most effective against ranged attacks, while all melee attacks have the ability to pierce the armor, reducing its effectiveness.
Experience The Experience gained on the battlefield allows players to spend Attribute Bonus Points increasing the units effectiveness in battle.
Player Deaths
When a player dies they must wait to spawn. Default spawn times are tied to the upkeep time (see Economy for more information on Upkeep). They are the remainder of the current interval plus one full interval.

Intervals are 10 seconds so the default spawn time is 11-19 seconds. In the event of either upkeep is not met and/or a match exceeds 60 minutes (each) will add an additional 10 seconds to the spawn time.

Souls are a crucial resource in Savage 2. They are earned when a high level NPCs or enemy unit is killed. The player dealing the final blow earns the soul. Souls are spent at Sacrificial Shrines to purchase Hellbourne Units (see Hellbourne below).
Savage 2 combat is a mixture of ranged weaponry, melee, and special abilities. Each team has a set of classes that have a set ranged and melee weapons as well as special abilities they can perform.

Each class has different amounts of health, mana, and stamina, allowing each class to serve a unique roll on the battlefield. For example, Siege classes are used to take down buildings much more quickly than any other class in the game.

Ranged Ranged combat is very similar to that found in most FPS games on the market. Weapons include special features such as rapid-fire, splash damage, homing, and spread-fire. Simply aim and shoot!
Melee Melee is based on class with different attack speeds, damage settings, chain settings (chains are how many consecutive attacks you can make before a short pause and the chain is started again).

All Melee attacks can be stopped with a block, which is instantly executed and can be held for an extended period of time.

Melee combat is straightforward: be within attack range, click the LMB, and watch out for blocks.

When your oppenent is attacking, use your block to prevent them from damaging you. Successfully blocking an opponent will temporarily provide a boost to your attack speed and reduce the enemy player's attack and movement speed. Only so many attacks can be blocked at a given time - a meter will appear when blocking to indicate how much more damage you can block before you are overpowered and stunned for a short period of time. Heavier attacks and melee abilities hit harder and thus can more quickly break through your defense.

The melee system in Savage 2 is simple to understand, but it takes time to master! Click here for more information on the melee system.
Special Abilities There are 5 different types of special abilities in the game. More information regarding each type can be found below.

These spells employ an innovate system to help you snap to nearby targets. Enter the spell state and select a highlighted target by tapping the LMB. Only targets to which the spell applies will be highlighted. Spells include healing, resurrection, and some debuffs.

Gadget Placement
To place gadgets such as turrets, ammo depots, and demo packs, first select the ability, and then place the ghostly image of the gadget at the desired location by tapping the LMB.

Instant Casts
These abilities generally are melee-based combat abilities that do extra damage or stun opponents. Simply selecting this ability will immediately execute, so make sure your desired target(s) are within range.

Area of Effect (AoE) Casts
When a player selects an AoE cast, like group heal, a ground reticle shows the cast placement and will also highlight the target(s) of the spell. By simply tapping the LMB the AoE ability is cast.

There are abilities in the game that cause the player to channel an effect through them. These include polymorph, ethereal, and chant of restoration, among others. In many cases, channeling abilities can either be stopped with LMB, or by pressing the key that the ability is assigned to.

Siege Units
It is important to lay waste to enemy buildings to gain easier entry into their base (killing defensive towers), take out their technology (killing certain buildings disallows certain abilities and classes), and of course win the game (by killing the enemyís command center). Siege units are critical for accomplishing this task. They are higher hitpoint, slower moving classes that generally need protection to successfully make it to their targets and effectively do damage.
Hellbourne are special units available to both teams. To gain access to them you must build a Sacrificial Shrine over a Scar and earn Souls from killing enemy players. Each Hellbourne unit has a specified soul cost, more souls equals more power!

It is important for teams to defend their Sacrificial Shrines as well as monitor activity on Scars throughout the map and stop their foes from gaining access to these game changing units.

Hellbourne are extremely powerful units which are exceptionally valuable for a mix of high player damage and above-average building damage. Unlike the other classes, Hellbourne units have very little in the way of recovering health, being unable to be healed or use items during their stay on Newerth. Hellbourne units can only recover health by consuming the souls of fallen enemies, and in the case of the Devourer, also consuming the very corpses the enemy leaves behind. In fact, with the exception of the Devourer, hellbourne units slowly degenerate health, requiring constant maintenance to remain on the battlefield. Despite their frightening power, hellbourne units do have a weakness - shamans and chaplains deal bonus damage to hellbourne units.

Using items is crucial to the success of an Action Player in battle. There are two different types of items:
Purchasable Items Both Beasts and Humans have their own set of items that can be purchased with the gold earned while playing the game.
Persistent Items Persistent Items can be earned through achievements, won as prizes from occasional contests, bought via the rune builder or the collector's edition, and awarded to players who have referred new players to Savage 2 through the referral system. Persistent items are stored in your vault, which has 5 item slots and you can bring 2 into a match.

There are four types of persistent items, each providing a different bonus modifier. The item types are Rings, Amulets, Jewels, and Runes. Persistent items may have up to three benefits, which are passive regeneration, passive increases, and active replenishment.

For in-depth information on items, see the Items Page.

Experience / Match Leveling
As a match is played, players earn experience from doing many things, including player damage, kills, building damage, healing, casting spells, and repairing structures. This experience allows characters to become more powerful. Each level gained gives the character four Attribute Bonus Points that can be used to increase the following attributes:
Endurance Increases your health and health regeneration rate.
Intelligence Increases max mana and mana regeneratin rate.
Agility Increases your stamina and stamina regeneration rate.
Strength Improves melee damage.

All experience and levels gained are reset at the end of each match. However, if you join a match in progress you will be given experience based upon the current match time.

The experience you gain during games is not lost forever: it is added to your persistent stats, allowing you to climb the Player Ladder.

Squads & Officers
New to Savage 2 is the concept of Squads. Squads are small bands of units that fight together. Each Squad has an officer.

Officers have an important role: they can give commands as well as create spawn portals, that aid in keeping your team together. In addition, staying close to your officer provides you a buff in battle making you stronger.

Spawn portals provide players the ability to spawn out in the field. This is a tool to keep battle groups together. Once placed, this new spawn location is available from the spawn screen for all your squad members.


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