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Want something new? Want something different? Yet don't want to learn a completely different style of game? We've got the answer!

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul is a fast paced strategy shooter that takes team based game play to another level. Each match is a war for dominance where two teams of 5 to 32 players attempt to destroy each other. It will take more than guns to finish the job. Assume your position as a fighter, armed with swords, guns, and magic; or take the field as a support character that builds, heals, and resurrects fallen comrades. Feel like bringing out the big stick? Become a siege unit like the Behemoth (a huge animal biped descendant of elephants that takes down buildings using an uprooted tree) or the battering ram to destroy enemy buildings. Always thought you were a natural born leader? Take control as the leader of the action, the commander, who builds, researches, expands, and tactically strategizes your team's efforts.

Savage 2 is unique and delivers a roller coaster ride of excitement that very few games can. Once you play, you'll never turn back. Consider all your other games obsolete and join those who felt the sensational impact of Savage 1 in an all improved sequel.

Pick a map, vote in the commanders, set up game parameters, wait for minimum player numbers, designate officers, set up battle squads, start game.

Action players will spawn as the builder (conjurer), scout (shape shifter), or savage (summoner). These players will scout the map looking for the enemy’s base and for general information and resources. The commander will begin to build the necessary buildings to gain access to additional troops, weapons, and technologies.

While the commander continues to build & research, the action players will get in their battle squads and begin to hunt the NPC camps to gain valuable experience and gold.

The more buildings and research the commander has completed, the higher rate of upkeep there is. Upkeep is the necessary gold expenditure every 15 seconds to maintain your structures. If there is not enough gold in the teams coffers, buildings will begin to decay. until the upkeep is maintained. The commander will need to be constantly aware of this to assure that the action players are securing and maintaining resources (gold mines and NPC camps) on the map.

A key component to the game is access to the possessed and the Hellbourne units. Before your team can purchase these units, an available “Scar” must have a Sacrificial Pit erected on it. Before the Pit can be built, the Scar Protectors & Lieutenant must be destroyed. It will take a large group of higher level players to defeat those NPCs. This puts added importance on early game hunting to gain the necessary experience.

Once the players have gained sufficient experience, expanded to another gold mine, and erected a Sacrificial Pit, it is now time to heavily engage the enemy. Obviously players may have already engaged the enemy, however, that should not be the main focus of players until the above objectives have been achieved. At this time the Commander should also be expanding the technologies of the team and building forward garrison(s).

At this time in the game the Commander’s role will switch from building and researching to becoming a tactical general. He will use his special abilities and unique perspective of the field to aid his troops to victory. Battle Squads should be organizing into small, well organized groups. The Commander should give specific instruction to his Officers. There should be at least 1 siege unit for every 6-8 players on their team. Each siege should be accompanied by 3-4 protectors, 1-2 healers, and a couple of repairers (healers). The key is to properly protect the siege units to allow them to damage the enemy base. Repeat this step, while defending your base and victory shall be yours.

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